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We believe in Genital Integrity for all and that is why my family and I put our own money into starting this store with the ultimate goal that it is self sustaining and provides funding in the form of donations to Intactivist groups and organizations.

Intactivist Gear currently offers Intactivist Wristbands, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts, and Lanyards.

We will charge $1.75 per item shipping fee to help cover the cost and in order to have something left over to donate.

We donate all proceeds to different orginizations that advocate against circumcision and orginizations that conduct research for the regeneration of foreskin. (I.E. Foregen)

Donated so far: $117.47

You can see our complete 2017 Donation Tracker here. You can see our complete 2016 donation tracker here.  And our complete 2015 donation tracker here.

Together we can ensure Genital Integrity for all.

View the Oregon Intactivist webpage here.




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