About Us.


We believe in Genital Integrity for all and that is why my family and I put our own money into starting this website and online store. The ultimate goal is that the store becomes self sustaining and provides funding in the form of donations to Intactivist groups and organizations.

We have been running this website and store for approximately three years now and hope to grow soon and offer more products as well.


My family and I have been intactivists for many years and I am one of the men who knows both ways. I was circumcised at 15 while I was under for another surgery and after saying that I didn't want it done. I can tell you from personal experience that circumcised is not the way our penis is supposed to be.


I too have been an intactivist for many years and the wristband I ordered from your company has provided many opportunities for me to educate people about the perils of circumcision. Thank You for all you do.

David Inman - New York